Frequently Asked Questions

If my deer was acquired outside of Michigan can I still enter it in the Q1 Broadcasting Big Buck Pole?

Although we’d eventually like to expand the Q1 Broadcasting Big Buck Pole contest to include state wide regions, for now hunters can only register deer that were acquired in the state of Michigan.

Do I have to have a deer entered in the Big Buck Pole Competition in order to be a member of

No It is not necessary to be a Buck Pole competitor to participate in the community.

Can I show off my doe on

Yes you can.  In fact we encourage hunters to post their does and share their doe hunting stories through the Blogs and Forums pages

Can I upload my own videos or pictures to the website?

Pictures can be uploaded in a number of ways.  To upload a picture to be used in your profile, you can go to the My Account page and click on Edit at the top of your screen.  To post pictures and share stories of how you bagged your buck, you can click on My Blog which will allow you to post pictures and stories.

Video: As of right now, users can not post video directly on the Q1 site. However, if you would like to submit a video to Q1 Broadcasting to be featured on the Q1 Buck Pole website or on the Q1 Buck Pole TV show, you can upload it to the Q1 Broadcasting YouTube channel to be shared with others.

How can I find out if my deer has been featured on the Q1 Big Buck Pole television show?

All television shows will be available 24 hours a day on this website.  Each show segment is available commercial free so you can view the segments that interest you the most.

How can I track my progress in the Big Buck Pole competition?

To see where your buck is currently ranked, go to the Big Buck Pole section of the site.  This page will not only allow you to see where you rank in your region, but also how your deer ranks in the overall competition.

What does it cost to enter the Buck Pole Contest or register as a member of

Both entering the Q1 Broadcasting Big Buck Pole contest and registering to be a Q1buckpole community member are free.

How do I find the closest registration point to register my deer?

To find the closest registration point in your area, go to the Registration Points section of the site. You can then use the interactive map to zoom in on your area of the state, and find which registration points are located in your region.

What do I need to bring to the registration point to register my deer?

You must bring the deer to be measured and a valid Michigan Hunting License.  You will be given a registration form to be completed and signed while your deer is being measured.  A picture of you and your kill will also be taken at the registration point.

How do you measure bucks in the contest?

Your Total Score is the sum of five measurements: Pts on right beam, Pts on left beam, Circumference of right beam - measured one inch above the skull, Circumference of left beam - measured one inch above the skull, the inside spread - measured from the inside of the widest point of the main beams, and the longest tine.

What if there is a tie between two bucks?

The number of points will determine placing in case of a tie.  If the bucks in question have the same number of points, placing will be determined by the inside spread.  If the bucks have the same inside spread, total mass will be the tiebreaker.

Do I have to have a top buck to win any prizes?

No, any hunters registered on this website can win prizes and any hunters that registered a buck or doe are eligable for additional prizes.  Although the biggest bucks earn prizes we encourage everyone to participate.

What is the Big Buck Pole Regional Party all about?

The regional parties are a big hit with hunters.  It is a fun gathering with many hunters getting a chance to share their stories with the crowd and get on TV.  Food and drinks are plenty!  Prizes, gun raffles and the "Rackettes" add to the fun.