Jan 11th TV show lineup

This week on the Q1 Buck Pole TV show for Jan 11th

Hunter interviews and the program at the Branch Area Career Center's Buck Pole

Jan 4th TV Show

This week on the Q1 Buck Pole TV show for Jan 4th

Hunter interviews at the Country Smokehouse in Almont

DNR discusses Wetlands Wonders Program with Dave Luukkonen

Tony LaPratt talks about how to keep Bucks on your property

TV show 12-21-14 Feral Hogs

Hunter interviews including Chris Harmon from Quincy and Jim Heinemann with his twin sons Cameron and Cole

DNR discusses the Feral Hog problem and what hunters can do about it

Plus more great information  

TV show for 12-14-14

This week on the Q1 Buck Pole TV show for 12-14-14

Opening Day from Ray C's Extreme and the Lapeer County Buck Pole including interviews with successful hunters like Donna Gray.

Ray Clemens Jr. talks about the event

Ray Brown from Wheelin Team 457 talks about taking to the woods in a wheelchair

DNR discusses the Pure Michigan Hunt and how you can register


It is costly if you break the Law

Be an ethical hunter – buy a license before you go out and don't  loan kill tags

How to ask for permission to hunt

Great informaiton form QDMA


The reality for many hunters today is they must seek land to hunt on. Some own land, some lease land, and most seek the opportunity to hunt on someone else’s land by receiving permission from the landowner. A few are good with “the ask” but most are not, so here are 10 tips to help you secure a spot to hunt.

1. Ask permission well in advance of the season. Don’t show up the week before opening day and expect a positive response. It may happen, but increase your odds by asking weeks or months in advance.

Early Rut or Not

In 2014 do you think there is going to be an early rut with the way the weather is?

2014 TV show - Opening show

The 2014 Q1 Buck Pole TV shjow hits the air this weekend on Sunday.  Check times and listings for your area.  You can also watch it online later next week when it is posted.  This week Sunday Sept 21st the show includes Big Bucks from last year, The explanation of the scoring method, The DNR talks about the RAP Room and poaching, and Tony LaPratt discusses getting ready for the bow season with some great tips.

Favorite Deer hunting memory

What is your favorite deer hunting memory?

Ground Blind or Treestand

Do you prefer a ground blind or tree stand?  How long have you been hunting?